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Life is a journey…

In life... In life there is pain, joy, wonder and peace We know pain, joy is fleeting, wonder turns to doubt... Where there is conflict there is war Where there is war there is the possibility of peace... In life there is pain, joy, wonder and peace We know joy, pain is fleeting, doubt can turn to wonder Where there...[ read more ]

Obsessive thinking running your life?

We tend to spend so much time in our heads/thoughts that life happens and we aren't really present. This is especially true when we become obsessed with a thought and it consumes us to the point that we all our interactions revolve around it. Obsessive thinking can also stir up feelings such as fear, anger, resentment and when this happens...[ read more ]

Week 1: Opening to creativity

This is the first week of our Artist Way Group and the theme we've explored is safety. In her book, "The Artist Way", Julia Cameron talks about the need to "establish a sense of safety, as this enables us to explore creativity with less fear." So my question to myself and to you is "What does your inner artist/child need...[ read more ]

The Artist’s Way Group – Open to creativity…to life

"Creativity is oxygen for our souls." Julia Cameron Everyone is born with a creative side. Whether it's cooking, drawing, singing, decorating or gardening we all have the ability to tap into our creative self. Tapping into this part helps us connect with our ability to be playful, joyful, loving and passionate. We free our energy and shift from worrying/ruminating about...[ read more ]

Stop resisting and start living!

Life is a combination of wonderful and painful experiences. Sometimes we forget this especially when our life isn't going according to plan, or we're  face a crisis. When this happens our a tendency to react. Sometimes our reaction is visible, as when we get angry, vent, yell, cry or in some way vent our frustration. Other times our reactions are...[ read more ]

Kindness as medicine for the soul

Acts of Kindness help us open our hearts... In the midst of chaos, suffering, confusion or life in general what I find most healing is when we can be kind towards others and ourselves. Kindness is often overlooked, especially when we are going through a hard time or an overwhelming experience. The act of Kindness has the power to heal...[ read more ]

Chose Authenticity!

Authenticity is a daily practice... Life is a mixture of painful and joyful experiences. We cherish and want to hold on the joyful ones and push away/avoid the pain. Sometimes what makes the pain linger and turns it into suffering is our resistance to what is happening. Resistance usually shows up in our defensive behaviors. These defensive behaviors are fueled...[ read more ]

Deep Listening: Ear of the Heart

Listening to really hear and understand can sometimes be difficult. As soon as someone starts to speak we go into analyze, judge, fix it or comparison mode. So we are listening to our own commentary and this stops us from connecting  with the person in front of us. The greatest gift we can give someone is to truly listen with...[ read more ]

Gratitude: A practice that opens hearts..

Gratitude is a practice that helps us stay connected to life. Our tendency is to notice the negative and overlook the positive. Living at either end of a scale keeps us from seeing the whole picture. It can also keep us disconnected from each other and even from ourselves. Sometimes I've heard myself or others complain or say that life...[ read more ]

Connect with the life that’s right here….

Today, I listened to a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver about connecting with nature and how we can respond to our surrounding by recognizing that we are all interconnected. The trees breathe...we breathe, plants receive nourishment from the sun and the earth...we receive nourishment from the plants and the earth. How often do we connect with what is truly in...[ read more ]

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