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The Artist’s Way Group – Open to creativity…to life

“Creativity is oxygen for our souls.” Julia Cameron

Everyone is born with a creative side. Whether it’s cooking, drawing, singing, decorating or gardening we all have the ability to tap into our creative self. Tapping into this part helps us connect with our ability to be playful, joyful, loving and passionate. We free our energy and shift from worrying/ruminating about how things are going or how things should/shouldn’t be to living in the present moment.

Living in the moment helps us be open to life…

Living in the present moment is what helps us to attune and connect to life. It is in the present moment that we are connected to body, mind and heart and from this place we can open the door to creativity, possibility, and to transformation.

Free your creative spirit!

There are many paths we can use to create positive change. The one we will focus on in the coming 14 weeks (beginning Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 at 6:30pm) is “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. The group format will be based around the exercises in this book with the purpose of freeing up emotional blocks , exploring creativity and sharing  in accountability. It is accountability, dedication and support that helps us connect with our creative potential. This group is limited to 8 participants and costs $35.00 per week/session.  Each week we will discuss a chapter from the book and check in regarding progress toward goals, morning pages, and other tasks outlined in the book.

To find out more about The Artists Way, visit the website:

Ready to enter a space of joy and creativity?

the artists wayTo participate in the group you will need a copy of the book, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron and  a willingness to:

  • commit to all 14 meetings,
  • write “morning pages” (a daily practice of writing, ideally first thing in the morning)
  • go on weekly “artist dates”
  • give and receive support from others in the group

The topic for each week will follow the outline from the book–and may include some visual guided imagery/mindfulness exercises  to help you open to insight, awareness and connect with creativity.

  • Week One:  Meeting the group and preparing for The Journey
  • Week Two: Safety
  • Week Three: Identity
  • Week Four: Power
  • Week Five: Integrity
  • Week Six: Possibility
  • Week Seven: Abundance
  • Week Eight: Connection
  • Week Nine:  Strength
  • Week Ten: Compassion
  • Week Eleven: Self-protection
  • Week Twelve: Autonomy
  • Week Thirteen:  Faith
  • Week Fourteen:  Celebration and Closure

inner peace…this is an opportunity to open the door to freeing up your energy so that you can connect with what is possible, with creativity and life.

In order to attend this group you will need to fill out the contact form below and submit it by May 31st. Once you sign up I will send you the location and other important information.

If you have additional questions please feel free to call (954) 793 6442 or you can send an email to acaringcounselor (at) gmail (dot) com.

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