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Letting go of anxiety, fear and clinging…


Resistance…Fear…Anger…Clinging. Learn to Transform………Acknowledge…Let go…Accept…Breatheeeee…..

Today’s message is about recognizing what you are carrying in your mind…actually seeing it instead of thinking that’s just the way it is or that you don’t have any control over how you respond to what you are thinking. So, you can get so wrapped up in the story, your life energy, your breathing, your body becomes tense and you feel more and more isolated, angry and victimized or you can open to your experience, know that the fear is present and learn to let it be there without getting wrapped up in it, breathe and relax the tense spaces in your mind, heart and soul. It’s not an easy process…in fact it’s actually a skill that you can develop and then it becomes a way of life!

So for today…can you be present, acknowledge and recognize what you are carrying in your body, mind and heart and learn to remain grounded in compassion (for self, for others) while allowing whatever is in your space to be present (without believing the story)? Can you name what is happening…thinking…thinking…sad…sad…without running from it or getting swamped by it?

An exercise would be “Breathing in I acknowledge fear…breathing out I let it go into the space and awareness around me…” Just continuing to do this until you are no longer clinging to the feeling….

Until tomorrow….


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