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What clients say about us…

Cindy is a great counselor with the wonderful gift of inviting clients to explore deeper aspects of themselves where true transformation takes place. I loved being a part of her Women’s Group as I learned the importance of self-care, trusting my intuition and learning to stand up for myself! She is a wonderful and compassionate counselor.


West Palm Beach

Cindy is a professional through and through with great compassion and insight. If profound transformation is your desire, I highly recommend Cindy Ricardo.


Parkland, Florida

The women’s retreat was an unexpected gift .I shared my day with a small group of women, I shared my experiences, I laughed and played like a child, stretched away my tensions and left with a sense of renewed peacefulness. Good things come in unexpected packages! Hope to see everyone again soon.

Love and Thanks


Coral Springs

When we contacted Cindy we had a great relationship but wanted to deepen and expand our ability to communicate and deepen our connection. Cindy taught us how to set aside our reactivity so that we could really hear, understand and learn about each other. She helped us learn how to create safety and was at all times a respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental guide.


Coconut Creek, Fl.

I was feeling depressed, sad and pretty hopeless when I called Cindy. Her understanding, caring and compassionate presence set me at ease and made it easier for me to open up and talk about very painful issues. She was supportive and encouraged me to explore the thoughts that were keeping me stuck. I was able to make tremendous progress with her assistance. I highly recommend her services!


Boca Raton, Florida

Recently I’ve been going through a very difficult and painful time and felt hopeless and depressed about ever feeling better. Cindy really helped me to approach my life with compassion and a willingness to heal. I bless her influence in my life as it has continued to help me live a much more fullfilling mindful life.  She is an amazing person and has had such a positive effect on my life.


Coral Springs

I attended the retreat on June 18th.  It was amazing!  I went in feeling very disconnected with my self and others, but came out of it connected and at peace.  What a gift!  Like a good teacher, Cindy came prepared with an agenda with a variety of activities planned.  The agenda included going over the day’s events, writing about what we expected to receive at the retreat, sharing with others, doing gentle yoga as well as dancing freely with an invited guest knowledgeable about freedom and dance. We ended our wonderful day with Yoga Nidra, which is a form of meditation that really transports your mind and soul to another dimension.  Your mind takes you where you need to go and you come out of it at peace.

Cindy is so many things.  Professionally, she is a counselor and teacher, but personally, she is a warm, kind, supportive and caring person.  I would highly recommend any kind of retreat with Cindy.  I know that whatever she does, it will be a life changing experience that you can carry with you and spread to others.

D.G. Teacher

Pembroke Pines

Cindy Ricardo has brought existence back to our marriage. Her unique way of guiding my husband and I through dialogue has opened communications I never thought existed. We have been able to make real emotional connections and understand each other at levels I did not know we could get to. My husband stated after our first meeting. [He said], “I really like her because she encourages us to be interactive and we are not just sitting there, as we have done in prior couples counseling.” Thank you for helping us.


Parkland, Florida

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